Black Tie Dress Code For Women

Black tie dress code is one of the most formal dress codes, and it is usually required on weddings, gala dinners and other formal events. Black tie code for men is pretty straightforward: they have to wear a tuxedo jacket, matching trousers and an official white shirt. It is one of those universal outfits that make every man look sophisticated. professional and elegant

On the other hand, women are sometimes not sure what are they supposed to wear to a black-tie event. We are always worrying whether we may appear under-dressed or over-dressed. Women black tie dress code isn’t that strict, and it allows us to have more options. We should wear something formal, but at the same time, we don’t have to give up on our style.

Long dress 

Black tie affair typically calls for a floor-length dress. Maybe you are not used to wearing long dresses, but they look great on almost every woman. You should select a refined dress with a feminine silhouette. We suggest you opt for simple models because you can’t go wrong with them. When it comes to colors, black is always a great choice. It is no wonder that it is considered the most elegant colour. Emerald green dress can make you look elegant and sophisticated, and it looks great on most women.

Black tie cocktail dress 

You can not wear a cocktail dress to every black-tie event, but if the event is less formal, then cocktail dresses are allowed. This is great for women who don’t feel comfortable in long dresses. However, you should choose your cocktail dress very carefully. It has to be very elegant, and it should sit at the knees. It is better to choose classic models than to opt for the latest fashion trends. For a final touch, add some sophisticated jewellery, accessories and heels, and you are ready to go!


A black-tie event is a great excuse to dress up and wear a gown. Elegant gowns are perfect, especially if the event is very important to you and you want to look sophisticated. We suggest you stick to classic silhouettes and colors. Black tie gowns are timeless, and you can check out the photos of classic Hollywood’s divas, for some inspiration, It is better to choose dark colors. Your gown doesn’t have to be black; you could also choose dark shades of green or blue. When it comes to bright colors, you have to be more careful. Some of them can make you look less formal, so it is better to stick to dark colors if you are not sure.

Your outfit isn’t complete without some accessories, elegant bag and shoes. Do not underestimate the power of details, because they can transform an ordinary outfit into a fabulous one. Even if you choose a simple black dress, you can give it a personal touch with your favorite accessories. Also, it is very important to choose a dress that you feel comfortable in because that will give you self-confidence.

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